14 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online – Real-Life Examples on How To Become a Digital Nomad


14 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online – Real-Life Examples on How To Become a Digital Nomad

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Auntie Sorelle is here to save the day! Yes, indeed I am a ‘bad’ influence some may say because I really do constantly nag and push you to think outside the square in every aspect of your life.

I want you to prosper in photography, art, your careers, your health, your freedom.

One way this week I can try to assist is by sharing with you ways of making money online so that you can become a digital nomad if your heart desires and not rely on your physical location to bring in cash to live.

Yes…that means you can work remotely, from wherever you want to in the world, OR just work from home so you can spend more…

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41 thoughts on “14 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online – Real-Life Examples on How To Become a Digital Nomad

  1. i've always wanted to do something that makes me money through the internet and that i am also passionate for, the problem is i have so many interests/passions im never sure what to fully hone so I'm 'stuck' and watching everyone else beautifully succeed. I really want to take charge of this youtube thing.. because i see how much money it makes but i don't feel pretty enough to do it.. i want to do something that i am not the face of but earns me money and fuels my creativity… ahhhhh

  2. Love this! Another way to make money online is applying to be a remote transcriptionist. I just applied and hope to get the gig. I love typing and want to have time to focus on making youtube videos! ❤️ thanks, Sorelle!

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  5. omgosh your #8 about copywriting reminded me of dan lok haha xD i never knew copywriting was such a moneymaking profession before xD

  6. Sorelle, from my heart, thank you so, so, so much for creating this video. Could you please share some of your favourite videos/ blogs/ articles/ etc. with great information about starting a website and online community? There's so much nonsense out there, it would be lovely to have a recommendation. Also, you mentioned that this was how you got started. Any more info on your journey? Thank you again. Your personality radiates, your joy is infectious and your spirit makes a necessary impact on the world. Much love. Many blessings. ✨

  7. Hey woman, the universe sent you. I keep binge-watching your videos and they are exactly the inspiration I need right now! Much looove xx

  8. I wonder how Your interest in Iceland started ?
    Find Your vídeos – informative, interesting, You clearly have a way of putting ALOT of enthusiasm in even the “questionable”
    Transferring a great deal of umpf. Mmhh a tiny female www coach thumbs up

    Please don’t do that again (might have spotted what your not good at),(yeah dance. Hip hop)
    Wonder where the origin of the name is….mine is Sóley as you know
    Sounds the same in french spelled different)
    BySwayBlue if your as curious as I am … that building is scary

  9. I rarely comment on any Youtube videos but I just want to say that what you said about following that curiosity struck me so much. I also just watched your recent video (May 15, 2020) about how you afford the life you have now, and another part about the excuse of 'I'm shy or I dont want to show my face.' just punched me in the face too. I have been contemplating about making courses and given that i currently work for a training institute as a marketing executive is just a bright green signal that I should go for it. I have so much resources available around me, it's amazing. Only, those excuses are keeping me. But hearing this now, it really made my brain think over of so much possibilities on how I can do this!♥

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