$12K Month on Youtube! How we make money RV Living Full Time

$12K Month on Youtube! How we make money RV Living Full Time

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46 thoughts on “$12K Month on Youtube! How we make money RV Living Full Time

  1. 🎬 When I started my YouTube Channel I had NO CLUE how much hard work being a Creator is! 📸 But I am having a blast…. and have learned a lot using the OBLISS 10K BLUEPRINT to grow my channel. Thanks guys! 🎈

  2. Here I am, back again. Marc from Punta Gorda. I don't even have an RV yet (my 3 motorcycles do count however) and I am watching (and learning) from your experiences. Now to you John, I too am a carpenter. After 40 years in the trade I still love creating a beautiful and well executed project. I complimented Mercedes before and I felt I should have done so to you as well.
    I respect the foundational principles you have spoken and exhibited in your videos! We too want to show our care for our neighbors as well.
    I will be going on to obliss.com to check your blueprint out. I think I would like to test out recording videos that involve my gifts from God, woodworking and problem-solving. I've garnered respect for my skills I have developed but I maintain one principle I like to share, "what makes me smart is that I know, I don't know it all". I look forward to seeing your blueprint because, in this case, I know nothing!

    God bless you both and your young daughter

  3. you know what i like about you guys.. youre brutally honest no matter what.. i dont subscribe to youtubers very often or lightly, but you've earned mine 🙂 good stuff

  4. I watch because you two are a beautiful married couple. You are always sitting close together, finishing each other’s sentences and not putting each other down. You have demonstrated what it means to be “safe” inside a marriage allowing each other the gift of being “human” by sympathizing and not putting each down when someone makes a mistake. God Bless you all! I’m a widow and could only dream of having a partnership like ya’ll have to share this journey this side of heaven.

  5. Seems like everyone has a channel. When I travel, the last thing I want to do is make video. I guess it's all relative. If you need the money…..

  6. I just recently found your channel and I am enjoying your videos so much! I am not a youtuber for the money nor am I a RV'er. However I enjoy what you bring to You Tube in an honest, humble way. Keep it up and thanks for the cool videos and for being awesome people!

  7. Interesting, though I really just post stuff for fun / educational purposes, who knows what may happen….? If I'd been putting that bike together, I'd have to gargle with holy water😉.

  8. ou inlude the "gift" of a e-bike (4,000 USD) that is too large, does not fold, and to make things worse – not functioning – in your 12,000 USD nubmer ? you are lucky if you can sell if for 2,000 to someone living stationary. Well that is free income I guess and you learned something about bikes – maybe you can address companies that have a sensible product (think E-scooters to go to town for shopping) – and get that.

  9. What a blessing you both are. You are right and if you are doing it to make money its probably not going to fly but if you have something to offer then its fantastic.

  10. In your video "God and donuts" I recall you saying something along the lines of not asking for money and keeping all of your videos public. You said you did not believe in showing extra stuff for money. What changed your mind???

  11. Clever using elderly. Wake up this isn’t an rv channel. It’s a Banker making money. That’s what they do. They know nothing about RVing

  12. “Oh we answer everyone. We can imagine no answering people we’ve asked for help and nobody will “ that’s what they said. And We are godly people. Says the banker yeah ok

  13. Good glad your telling the truth but they do make money by using this for advertising and selling their own trade links and sales

  14. While god is taking care of you, would you ask him to take care of eradicating COVID-19? His priorities seem a bit skewed.

  15. how are you any different from the bums standing on the street corner at walmart with a sign that says (will work for food?) we all know that they wont work for food, it really means ,throw out your money.why do people do that? because like so few have admitted that it pays better than a real job. even you have spoken about other people who dont like you because you have been what you call successful, and some have said that they are just jealous,maybe so. you dont make these videos because you care about people, the videos is just the backdrop to the whole plan, a subtle way to get money, you expect the world to keep you going so you can be what you call FREE and INDEPENDENT. Even a bum (works) long hours standing on the street corner bumming for money but cant reach the whole world like you are doing on the internet. You say things on the internet , but in reality you sit and think about what you can do to get more traffic on your channel and what products to list. You cant be independent while you are dependent on people for money in other ways. there are two types of youtubers , honest and dishonest and those that watch the videos and those that make the videos. and the vast majority of people making the videos are begging for people to subscribe because of monetization ,thats it , for money. donation time is seasonal , 4 seasons to market every year to scam people who are working for an honest living. scams and bumming are huge marketing rip offs. well, you certainly cant say you are poor when touring the country in an high dollar truck or camper/RV so you got to do it in a more subtle way.there are many cons in the world now, but; the difference is people who can see it and people who cant see it. dont complain about the salesman who sells you your next RV , because you are just the same but a little different, the salesman actually has an employer. I looked at a salesman one day who really was just another con and i told him people come in here every day because they really need a car to get to their real job and yet you dont strike a hard lick at nothing and yet you dont care how bad you screw people over. people depend on government assistance and people depend on public assistance, and then there are those who want both. users who constantly devise ways to scam other people out of their hard wroking money so that they dont have to really work for it. Your video here says it all doesnt it? At christmas time i dont donate to the salvation army standing there to ring a bell to get that giving feeling or guilt trip to people as they are walking in the store, nor will i give to united way or goodwill, and before you call me greedy, let me tell you something, the people and organizations that are really greedy are the ones asking for a handout and money for so called (help save the word) or help save this and that and use children who look poor and sickly to get money from people. my wife used to donate 10 percent of her paycheck to united way and then habitat for humanity got extreemly agressive by trying to get the CEO of the hospital to force my wife to donate 80 hours of her PTO time to them and force her to work all day on a saturday to help build a house for free to give the house to someone from another country for free while we work and slave to pay for our own home. think about that, 80 hours, thats two weeks vacation saved up to give to someone who didnt or wont work for it. we stopped the donations to united way and all the rest. none of these organizations are knocking down my door offering any help while we suffer through this covid 19 shutdown. As a trucker who has'nt had work in 5 weeks now and my wifes hours have been reduced we dont bum for money. to all you people who are doing this and are thinking about this, one day the whole system is going to come crashing down and many of you will be the next new generation of homeless bums. just like in california, tent city full of homeless people and drug problems, i feel that the RV camp sites are becoming full of people who are actually just bums and con artists and when its full of nothing but youtube monetization people, it will be just like real homeless bums being run off by the camp security so that none of the camp patrons are bothered,just like that, the camp will be running full of people with RV because they got no money.like you said , theres nothing for free,but; one caveat to that, it will keep being free untill people quit donating and or purchasing products through your channel then you got to use own money if you got it. if everyone in the country was doing it, nobody would get nothing, everybody be running around in the camp saying, subscribe to my channel, buy this,buy that and a bunch of put on fake shows of frienship and love.just like sports players doing a yogurt commercial acting like they really love it trying to get you to buy it just because they act like they eat it when in fact they probably never have. just like the stupid peyton manning nation wide insurance commercials, if they didnt pay him millions of dollars, we could actually get better insurance rates. and if the insurance has so much money to keep game shows going on tv, dont you think we could get better rates if they stopped that? the next time you throw out money to bums on the corner, remember you paid taxes on that money you worked for and when you give it to them, its all tax free. i have seen bums standing on the street corner walk accross the street to get in his car and drive off, i have seen them walk into a hardees restaurant after a hard days work standing on the street corner bumming, sit down at the table and plug in their $1000 dollar I-phones. the term (lowlife) seems to be redefined everyday. when i was fueling up my truck one day getting 200 gallons at $4 a gallon, a woman asked if i could give her gas money so she can go to school and pick up her son and i asked , why dont he ride the school bus? it is tax funded and i have already paid for that, then i offered her a deal, you fill up my truck and i will fill up your car and she walked away. think about it, 200 gallons at $4 is $800 bucks. and her friend came into the truck stop and was purchasing cigarettes and snacks and i had seen they were in a black cadillac escalade and i told her to tell her friend that if she cant afford gas in that high dollar suv , then sell it and buy something she can afford to put gas in. i have been all across america and the truck stops are full of bums because they are already thinking, truckers make good money, thats where i need to be bumming, and thats why they are there. bums are getting very professional with their sad stories now so that they can part you away from your money. what can i say? society has taught them well, people wake up and say, i can do that, thats a great ideal, then that is where the planning comes in.There are all kinds of marketing ideas, like a car dealership puts their name on every car for advertising and when i bought my new 2019 camry, i told them to leave their dealership name off of it, and the salesman said what? We put that on all the cars and we can do what we want and we own the cars and the dealership, and i said , you wont own the car if i purchase it,and unless you want to pay me $1000 a month for advertising,keep it off of the car and i did get what I WANTED. so yea! its a great idea to sell things to people with our name on it to grow our brand! YAY!!!!!!! but to me it is the dumbest thing to purchase because im not going to advertise for anyone, no sports teams, no organizations, nothing. a bank robber can get life in prison for what? a few thousand dollars? but a so called professional money manager can rob people of their retirement of millions and billions and leave many destitute and yet get a slap on the wrist, the point is this, theres more money at the end of a ball point pen than at the end of a gun. I dont get to travel to vacation spots for a living, the working class dont got time for that. I dont even have a RV or camper but im sure there are many campers, RV ers who have seen people try to just be your friend and then you realize its because they either want your money or to eat off of you so they dont have to buy it for themselves.i guess you can call it mooching. i have seen people complain about their friends and family mooching off of them but yet they have a bussiness making $10000 plus a month and live rent free and no car payments and getting $900 a month in food stamps and cant keep the power turned on and any reasonable person could see through that and know there is a drug problem and then they complain about me going on a one week vacation while they bum me for money that i wouldnt give them. so i wil say this, you folks would be in the wrong asking for donations from the working class people while you are living it up . i have seen bums relocate from different states and people i have given money to because of their sad story in ohio to later find them at another truck stop in south carolina or florida, texas,california,arizona, etc……so yes, i am tired of being burned by these professional theives , liars, conmen,and so , i dont hand out no more money. just look at (go fund me) full of crooks, and dont forget those supper preachers in the churches , i am sure they will be passing the hat or plate around so they can get youy to purchase that next luxury vacation and the next jet they want. i am done.

  16. I want a have a life in a van but I'm not interested in advertise my life in youtube. Thanks Mercedes for your kindness but I don't like YouTube.

  17. Good video guys. Kind of ironic you say in the beginning that life is short and you spend hours of time, which is not replaceable, on doing videos! Yes, no free lunch! And please don't say 'merch' as that is not a word!!! It is merchandise!!! Come on, life can't be that hard that you can't spit out the entire word!!

  18. No, YouTube isn't easy, but there are definitely rewarding opportunities here for those who are ACTUALLY talented and passionate.

    The reason why you, and hundreds of thousands of others, are not seeing any financial gain is because you all are doing it for the money. If you find a more valid reason or cause to do it for, the money will automatically chase you. Food 4 thought.

  19. Great video! Been thinking about starting a channel for way too long. Now that my business is shut down (due to Covid) now might be a great time. However, without any income, it’s a real two edged sword. Lol
    God Bless.

  20. You should consider adding or incorporating your daughter and autism, maybe with a separate channel. There is a huge community of parents with "not neurotypical" children who need help and needing the comfort of not feeling alone in their struggles. This might not be a financial gold mine but it would be tapping into a community that is growing. I am not discounting the risk associated, this could be bad advice, but you seem to be smart people who could do it well, after careful weighing the plusses and minuses.

  21. Thank you for your channel. I just started watching RV repair and RV equipment/systems videos (as I picked up a low mile class a at an auction and it needs reconditioning) when I saw your channel. I, like you, operate on an "abundance mentality" belief system and I share my business entity and legal expertise and real estate investing business experience with most anyone that asks in return for coffee and conversation. And as a father of two school age children my hope with the RV is to explore State and National Parks with them and building new memories. Once we are passed this current pandemic and it is safer to hit the road. They are my blessings from God.

    "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him." Psalm 127:3
    "Permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. "Truly

    I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all." Mark

  22. I can totally relate to this one! I've gotten some companies that offer me free products and services in exchange for a review. It takes time to learn the power of NO and what is worth your time. It takes a lot of work to review a product especially putting one together. Love the break down of your multiple streams of income. Always love learning from other YouTubers especially RVers!


  23. You guys do great content. I subscribe to several channels of various subject matters. I was wondering how or if you guys are compensated for YouTube subscribers like myself who pay YouTube for the premium service. Since I have this service I never see ads.

  24. Hi John and Mercedes, I’m not an RVer (just watching RV videos to prepare for the future), but I was wondering if your 10K Blueprint can be applied to other types of niches? I like to quilt and talk …..I’ve been kicking around the YouTube idea. Maybe in the future I could be the Quilter on Wheels! 🤣.

  25. Lol… Oh man you are so right. I thought the same thing and although my channel is on tech and not your topic, it's not as easy as it looks. I've never made not that $150.00 in a month. But I do it because it keeps me sane. Since my second stroke, I can't work any more so YouTube if my hobby.
    Great video again and good luck to you. I love your videos and my wife and I are looking at RVs now since she will be retiring in a couple years.

  26. Hey guys! Newbie alert! My wife and I both have the dream to go full time RVing and explore this beautiful country! I'm a 20 year truck driver that has left the semi behind with the opportunity to get this dream on the road and she is a independent travel agent that will still do what she's doing from the RV. We will also have our baby girl, (currently just over 1 year old), along for the adventure! I would love to start a channel and share our experiences like you guys have done. I'm brand new at the RV life and have so much to learn and we've been watching a lot of your videos learning so much and taking notes! We love how real and honest you guys are and looking to join The Odd Squad! 🙂 I've watched to OBliss videos and am contemplating joining the class. We're not looking to hit the road until at least Jan 2021 and have no idea about Youtube but I'm very eager to learn so that I can help contribute and we can enjoy the RV life without the stress of money! I know it won't be easy and will require a lot of time but up for the challenge! Love the videos and how you guys answer EVERY comment! Thank you and God Bless! 🙏

  27. I know the work! For a college history project, I created a 45 minute video documentary. It was all-consuming for 3 months! A few years later, I got a certificate in TV broadcast…and hosted my own live cable access TV show…and that was back when we were shooting VHS tape. I think I'd be lost trying to figure out how to do digital editing…I"m not that tech savvy. LOL

  28. All i can say is thanks have not seen all of your videos but intend to as I am planning on buying an rv and starting our own adventure in the near future you guys have given me more info than any other one source.your misadventures and willingness to admit that your not perfect or no it all will hopefully save me at least some headaches and telling the boss I screwed up again .If you find yourselves in california we are two hours from yosemite feel free to let me know and maybe stop for a beer or water or whatever .

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