12 ways to make money online in your lifetime

12 ways to make money online in your lifetime

12 ways on how to make money online in your lifetime

Hi! I am David from JobGuide247 channel. With 9-year-experience in marketing online, I would like to introduce you 12 effective ways to earn money online as follows:

1. Build your own YouTube channel 00:18
2. Freelance writing 02:58
3. Start your own blog 04:45
4. Make money with Clickbank 06:40
5. Teach English online 08:23
6. Make money as a graphic designer 09:20
7. Stock photography 10:41
8. Make money by selling t-shirts 11:45
9. Start an online store 13:00
10. Write and sell ebooks 14:16
11. Create a course online 15:29
12. Trade Cryptocurrencies 16:32


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