12 Ways to Make Money Online From Home

12 Ways to Make Money Online From Home

How to Make Money Online From Home: 12+ Proven Ways to Make Money Online Selling Products or Services or Creating Content. These are the ways I make passive income and active income online including my primary business of consulting and my side hustle of making money on YouTube.

Sell Online Courses or Membership:
Affiliate Marketing: Amazon, Shareasale, Bluehost
Sell Used Items: Amazon, Ebay, Craiglist
Become a Virtual Assistant: Upwork.com
Sell Stock Photos or Videos: AdobeStock, Canstock, iStock
Sell Music Online: iTunes, Spotify
Write Articles and Content: Scripted, HireWriters, CopyPress
Build a Website and Sell a Service:
Make Money Online w YouTube: Adsense, Superchat, YouTubeRed
Sell Print on Demand Products: Zazzle, Cafepress, Deviantart
Publish Books/Ebooks: Amazon, iBooks, Audible
Online Ads for Content: Google Adsense, Amazon Ads
Make Money with Online Sponsors as an Influencer



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  1. My older brother really told me, a marvellous homepage that will let you gain salaries remotely from home is just one B IZ op p . c o m , I am doing 120 a day.

  2. Hey, Blake

    I am Chris.
    Thank you for your value again!
    I'm a big fan of you 🙂

    I would like to ask you a question.
    For instance, you are a Graphic Designer, so you can edit photos and so on, I mean you can offer a service, therefore you can build a business around this skill.
    But I think I would like to learn digital marketing, what services can I offer to the society, and what business can I create when I become a digital marketer after I learn marketing.
    I am looking forward to your response, Blake.
    Thank you!

    Have a great day ahead!

    Best Regards,

  3. Do you realize that you have become gatekeepers?
    I mean not only you and not exactly the way it was in past 🙂
    And I do not mean in a bad way 🙂
    but you became 🙂

  4. "Sorry this was a long one” Roberto, they’re never long enough man. Love your stuff, you’re inspiring me every day while I work. I have about 5 hours a day where I’m by myself and I’m not actively using my brain power so I come to you and others on building a business. I’m hooked on your content. I’m getting great ideas for my personal brand from your wisdom. Keep it up, brother.

  5. The people who make the absurd statement that money can't by happiness are people who just don't want to work hard and smart enough to get it. They are lazy. They don't believe in themselves. Let me see them pay their rent without money. Let me see them be able to get the best health care without money. Lets see how they are gonna eat without money. Or buy decent clothes. I don't even waste my time talking to people who make such a losers 
    comment. BTW great video, Roberto!

  6. Thank you Robert , I Don't have a college degree, I am a medical assistant, and entrepreneur, and you are the first person to actutally show me how and where to go. I've been looking at different places for learning about freelance and most if these have left me feeling like I just wanted my time as I can not afford to pay the thousands of dollars that they ask for to show me how to make a living out if my skills as a writer. Again thank you for being so upfront about what you teach and what to expect.

  7. Just want you to know, I whitelist your channel and videos and i sit through all the ads on them so any inbuilt ad blockers don't reduce your income.

  8. I want to be a fitness influencer, and was thinking of commissioning workout products on my website but without the blogging., any suggestions or tips?

  9. I'm sort of just starting out (well, started a few years ago but slow start and now I'm more interested and moving forward), and it seems my blog on Weebly is a lost cause. (It's just a lifestyle blog with makeup reviews and what I did that week, and where I travelled to, so personal sharing.) To make any money on it, though, I checked after seeing this video, and found they do not promote 3rd party advertising, only GoogleAds (OH NOOOOO!) I hate to move all that work I've done to a different blog or start fresh (it's linked to all my social media, and I just bought the domain for 2 years), but can you recommend an affordable blog option for us broke people? Much thanks, this vid was SO GREAT.

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