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  1. Hey Sarwar, the 10 inch Moss Wreath Ring is in the HGR Catalog listed as 10 Inch Moss Wreath Ring
    by UKSM Trade. It says the Cost price is £10.12, the Sell Price as £13.16 and Profit as £1.04.
    How could the profit be £1.04? Am I missing something?

  2. I was fallowing everything but I am not been able to set up a single item on Ebay to start Dropshipping. I don’t believe in any of these videos going on YouTube

  3. when someone orders your product does HGR sort out the order or will you have to order that product yourself and fill out the buyers information yourself?

  4. Steve P. Pham
    Steve P. Pham
    1 second ago
    I just received this message from eBay: "We’ve determined that you haven’t followed our selling practices – drop shipping policy.

    There is evidence on your account that you are purchasing items from an online retail or marketplace site after you sell the item on eBay and having that retailer ship the item directly to the customer. While in violation of this policy, the account will not be eligible for the Top Rated program until it is in compliance."

    Any Comments?

  5. sarwar can you do a video on edit before listing start to finish on CJ. i know a few people had a problem here. a few of my sourced listing wont list. the Help line cannot help most times. i store is fully synced up authorized. hope can do this. you get small bits and pieces not a full video how to do it and explain it.

  6. Yo guys idk if anyone here is able to answer this " However, listing an item on eBay and then purchasing the item from another retailer or marketplace that ships directly to your customer is not allowed on eBay. " thats what it states on the ebay dropshipping policy i recently listed my first item from furniture123 im just a bit confused how are you able to tell whether a site is a retailer or a marketplace if theres a video that explains it just link me it so i can have a look please

  7. Be carefull selling protected plants. Of which sphagnum moss is one..This is why ebay is full of artificial mossed rings.. Just sayin Sawar..you may not of been aware..

  8. Hey Sarwar, I registered an account on uksm and logged in. I'm getting this message "You must have a valid account to buy from us
    " whats the way forward? I wanted to start listing

  9. Just set up my first product! If I make a sale will HGR automatically fulfill the order, or would I then go back to the supplier site and manually enter the customer details and pay for the item?

  10. After going through bay's drop shipping policy in this videos, is the video where you showed us how to drop ship from furniture123.co.uk still relevant? That's a situation where the customer would receive the invoice in the box and see that it's worth less than what they paid. Also, surely eBay would stop it at some point?

  11. What’s going on sarwar been over a year I reckon. Good to see your well. Back in the uk now. Is the Facebook group still going on and what about the course that I paid for that time 😂 hardly did it. Now I’m back an ready to knuckle down. Would appreciate a response and chat to you sometime soon as I’ve probably missed out on a lot.

  12. Please try to read this! Many comments here are bot but I can testify to the works of HackerFlody on IG. Started transacting with him week ago and I have over $10.000

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