10 Ways to Get Rich | How to Make Money Online FAST

10 Ways to Get Rich | How to Make Money Online FAST

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31 thoughts on “10 Ways to Get Rich | How to Make Money Online FAST

  1. 1) Get really good at one skill.
    2) Live with other people to save you money on living expenses.
    3) Invest a percentage of your income regularly.
    4) Don't hang out with losers.
    5) Get a job working for someone who is already rich and smart.
    6) Build your credit.
    7) Save a percentage of ALL income you get.
    8) Don't fall into those multilevel marketing schemes and don't you dare try to recruit me to that b.s. anyways.
    9) Avoid debt.
    10) Save again.

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  3. Zeus I don’t agree with the mlm part bruh cuz I have seen many people who are leading a successful life. so you can’t judge a book by its cover bruh . Thank you zeus for the wonderful video

  4. I am a pensioner and wanted to share my thoughts, its a digital world now, get a job and double your money with investing in financials like stocks, forex and digital currency trading

  5. We've all heard it. Times are tough. I can't get a job. Nobody's hiring in this economy. Everybody wants to complain. But I have an important and life-changing message for those who do. Get it together, and have your rich dad hook you up with a job at his company.

  6. Follow Valuetainment, Dan Lok, even Tai Lopez if you want to learn anything about financial education!This is one of the worst videos about making money i have seen in a while: it tells you "invest your money, don't just keep it and let it do nothing", apart from not covering at all where to invest your money, 50 seconds later it tells you 2 or 3 times that you should just save your money.

    Another fuckup was that "you need to improve your credit score" (especially with the affiliate link he provided) and other 10 fucking seconds later it tells you that you should stay out of debt.

    You lost all of the respect i've had for you man…

  7. Good points, Zeus, but you are not quite right about multilevel marketing and companies that provide it. Yes, some of them suck but others have proven themselves due to their results over many years or decades even. So it depends on what company we are talking about but it's unwise to put every one of them in one box.

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