10 Ways I Actually Make Money (Multiple Streams of Income & PASSIVE Income) // Gillian Perkins

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Instead of just talking about “27 Ways You COULD Make Money” I’m sharing 10 ways I ACTUALLY make money. Hope you enjoy!

Having multiple streams of income makes my life *much* less stressful, because even if one of them dried up, I know that I’ll still be able to easily support myself. I hope this video gives you some examples and ideas for different ways that you can make money online and make money from home, so that you can create multiple streams of income for yourself.

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50 thoughts on “10 Ways I Actually Make Money (Multiple Streams of Income & PASSIVE Income) // Gillian Perkins

  1. You are gorgeous. Most sympathic Business and self Developement youtuber i have Seen so far. Thank you for your passion and Sharing your way of online Business.

  2. Ok so a brief background and a question. I'm a struggling working dad of 4. I want to get into working online and free myself of the grind to be able to make comfortable money and spend time with my kids. Question while working long hours full time to keep things afloat what do you suggest would be the easiest online adventure to make a little extra with little effort. Just to get my feet wet and be able to see that the money is possible, and something that I can grow even more with more time and effort invested?

  3. You are doing such a great job with your YouTube Gillian. Very engaging and refreshing. Authentic. Already subbed. This is like your 3rd video I’ve watched. ✌️

  4. Thanks for the video, definitely some things in here to try! One question: it seems you rely on your audience for a number of these, how did you build an audience at first?

  5. Do we need to have any previous affiliation with Amazon to get that 4 percent cut or will I get that even if I refer that link to any directly in my discription? Appreciate your response

  6. I watch you a lot Gillian. Your presence is graceful on the screen. I am wanting to teach art classes on my Youtube channel. I am watching you for tips. Thanks Girly!

  7. Nice mam I'm from Pakistan please give a way where i do earning please tell me good earning wepsite please i know its really true and nice way for me I'm weak in English but i love you all i specially requested to mam please tell me good earning wepsite name

  8. New sub from me. I love your content. I’ve been looking for someone like you to help me begin my journey as a content creator. I love your style – straight forward and down to earth.

  9. LOL! I just watched your other video where you said you get paid if the ad is clicked, so I clicked on the ads on your video and will do my best to click on other people's video ads too. I haven't yet monetized my channel.

  10. I find it really useful to hear your ideas, because even if I don't see a way to apply any of them to my own situation, it stimulates my mind to think of similar or other ways to find my own solutions to looking for new streams of revenue

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