10 Successful Blogs That Make Money in Various Niches + 2 Traits They Share

10 Successful Blogs That Make Money in Various Niches + 2 Traits They Share

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50 thoughts on “10 Successful Blogs That Make Money in Various Niches + 2 Traits They Share

  1. What kind of products would you sell if you are a food blogger, thats focusing on old recipes. I was thinking some sort of digital nutrition booklet, or something, but I can't really think of anything else I'd be able to create and sell

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  3. Thanks Alex for the video. I’ve been watching so many of them lately. Whew! It’s all jumbled up. I think. But, thank you for being so transparent about your work ethics (working hard) and willingness to teach others.

  4. So basically most people only make money teaching people how to make money…. that’s very frustrating to learn especially when planning on going into a different niche.

    Do you guys recommend starting a blog like create and go after starting your fitness blog?

  5. Love the differentiation between bloggers and publishers. Can we also make a differentiation between bloggers and teachers / writers. There’s so much “make money blogging” stuff out there that is saying to write ebooks and create courses. Is that really, truly blogging? I get that people who do that also blog, but people or entities who post 5-10-20 articles per day are also technically blogging, too. What IS blogging? Who IS a blogger? Has it just come to mean a self published writer with periodic posts? Is it possible to make six figures merely as one who writes a few articles a week? With affiliate commissions, yes. How else though, without resorting to mass posting, and / or selling digital goods?

  6. Is it only digital products that Can succeed? I am starting a beauty blog for my MLM beauty and wellness range. My thought process is instead of chasing potential customers all over Facebook groups, have them search and find my blog that links to my beauty store. I'm not aiming to be a millionaire, just give up the day job and have fun!

  7. I wonder where the earnings figures come from.. Surely not just what the blog owners claim! All blogs trying to sell something claim amazing earnigs.

  8. I would love to start my own blog soon. Still doing some research to see where i shoul start n what to do n not to do. The info here is great. Good job on tht by the way. Will be looking closely at you channel for more.

  9. I've read today that you'll need to start traveling if you want to start a travel blog.
    I want to start one that is focused on giving people ideas where to go and to also help be smart travellers.
    I don't have much money to do this and if/when I have kids someday, I'm not sure how this would impede my traveling ability.

    Do you have any insight into travel blogs that are great at making money but their writer(s) don't really travel that much?


  10. This is, by far, the best YouTube channel I have found so far about blogging. Very interesting videos – simple yet nice to watch and listen to. A lot of valuable content, information, tips and advice. I am loving it so far and just carry on watching. Thank you for making those videos.

  11. I created my blog today with your tutorials. My plan is to create a type of lifestyle blog that encompasses 3 topics I am knowledgeable about, and 3 topics my husband is knowledgeable about. These topics are not all related to each other by any means (and could be their own niche blogs!) so it has me wondering how my audience will be defined, among other aspects of blogging like how my subscriber list will be designed. I am building my content starting this week, and am debating whether to create the blog using only 3 (related) topics, though we have a lot to write about in all topics. Any pointers? Thank you for all the fabulous knowledge drops on blogging.

  12. Great video, your insights are quite valuable, especially for beginners who are at the beginning phases of setting up their blog. Keep it up!

  13. I fit subscribe button before watching the video i wish you worth it ….soon i'm planning to start my blog …..i wish it give me at least 200$ a month i will be grateful….for the moment i'm coding it from scratch ….thank you.

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