24 thoughts on “10 LEGIT Ways To Make MONEY ONLINE In 2021 (Worldwide)

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  2. I have watched lots of vdeos related this and i am confused a lott but you have power make it happen , Loveeyouuuu❤😍,
    I would love to win and that day will be one of best day

  3. This is very good. Q. I did not know you could leave a link (here) you you tube in the comments area. Why I say so? Well, a long, long time ago people did that and eventually the idea was to go to those videos where there were lots of views. So, the idea was to post a comment complete with link three times a day. So, every now and again- someone would click your link. Most of the links were to products and services that had nothing to do with say Covid-xx for example. The link could take you to underwater basket weaving- so when I see that bitly link- it brings back those memories of what not to do but I think i have seen folks do this today~ if it is ok to do this- my oh my- spam galore. Great video! I love your NO screwing around when it comes to the subject matter. You are like that Pretty Woman a machine you just teach and if a person misses something you go back. I have had to do that a few times but for my main source of information I listen to you. You did a webinar a while back~ a few weeks later people were saying what you said and I just laugh. You were up to date and very accurate, which is a another reason I watch. Well I have written a lot here, I recommend to all my friends to subscribe and oh~ check out her other video. Its a library right here- there is no need to go else where!. Ring that bell!

  4. Thank you! 🌸🌸
    Your steps actually works and I love your free webinar videos!
    And you reply on Instagram if I have any doubts
    So thank you and keep creating☺

  5. Hey Shruti! Thanks for filling all the details like the websites we can try out for each of the points you talked about. For beginners like, these tiny bits of information are so so important. Thanks for not making it just another vague 'how to make money online' video. Teally insightful one. Thanks for sharing!❣💯✌

  6. As usual very informative video. I started my blog after reading your blogs on making money by travel blog. Now I am looking forward to make and sell digital products.

  7. I must say this is a very helpful video for all the beginners who really want to make money online right now in this era of lockdown and coronavirus
    Keep uploading such useful videos

    U did earn a subscriber 😉

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