10 FREE Apps To Make Money From Your Phone in 2020

Apps that you can download on your phone and make money by completing various tasks.
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Disclaimer #1. I still think that your time is the most precious currency in this world because it’s limited and I would only use these apps in a critical situation. For example, you have only a couple of months to make a hundred or two hundred dollars. Otherwise, I would recommend you to invest time in studying online, becoming more proficient in something so that later on you can make that money not in a couple of weeks but in a couple of hours.

Disclaimer #2. If you’re an entrepreneur watching this video and you’re like: “Why am I even watching it, Marina?” One thing that I wanted to point out is that you would understand how these apps work because sometimes, I know, some entrepreneurs pay their apps to be downloaded by random people because they need numbers for reports, they need vanity metrics. I know a lot of people buy likes on Instagram, a lot of people buy views on YouTube and…

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44 thoughts on “10 FREE Apps To Make Money From Your Phone in 2020

  1. Top of the morning ? to you Ma
    I'm from NIGERIA, I would appreciate if you get to tell me and other NIGERIANS trying to make money online the Right app to use

    Thank you in advance Ma

  2. You mentioned "Toluna" as available online. I live in Honduras, Central America… and Toluna available. That was pretty disapointing.

  3. Please Ma'am am one of your Listener from Nigeria and am a student that wants to make money online but unfortunately for me all the aforementioned app aren't supported in my country please help me out with something different.

  4. Never used these before, but I will now, thanks for sharing. I use Outlet Finance banking app to make 6% on every dollar I save. I am really happy with them!

  5. Hi i live in a small country called Lebanon .. Wish you can give me some advice
    some skills i got are electronics .. biomedical eng ..

  6. hello thanks for sharing.. im rowena from Philippines trying to find/tip to earn online. im a breast cancer survivor and still want to earn money to support my basic needs and for follow up check ups and test. thank you again.. though its not available in my country, i hope one of this day, you could share a few.

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