10 Best Survey Sites in 2019 (Legit and Free)

10 Best Survey Sites in 2019 (Legit and Free)

Updated list for 2020 here:

See the 10 best survey sites in 2019 to make real cash. All are legit and free to join. Full details:

NB! GlobalTestMarket I mention in the video does no longer exist – the rest of the sites mentioned on the top 10 list still exits.

Paid surveys can be a great and easy way to make some extra cash online. There are a lot of paid survey sites but many of them are just a waste of time.

I have tested hundreds of survey sites myself and in this video, I am going to show you my overall top 10 survey sites for 2019.

There can be some differences for the best sites depending on the country you live in. So this is an overall top 10 list – you can see list for specific countries on my website through the link below.

All the sites on this list are legit and I have been paid by all of them myself. They are, of course, also all free to join and use.

The list will give you an overview of where the sites are available, what earning opportunities you have on each…

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  1. i like your content and the info in this video, but i have a qs and i don't mean to be disrespectful. I signed up for your free course, and i would like to know why you would drip feed the information day by day and prolong the process over a 5 day period? That means all i can do is signup and i wont be able to move forward bc i have to wait each day for your training videos. Im ready to start now, but i know i can't because these survey sites look for certain information that will determine rather you qualify or not, and if you enter the wrong info to begin with then you could get banned from these sites or you just wont qualify for future surveys due to inconsistent info.

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