Cool cats and kittens come together! Dillon Passage weighed in on the next new episode of Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness and revealed if it would be there.

“No, I’m not really”, Passage, married to the management of the docuseries, Joe Exotic, Told Andy Cohen Monday, April 6, episode of Radio andy, on his participation in the next follow-up episode.

The new episode of the hit documentary True Netflix will be unlike anything fans have seen before.

Dillon Passage Courtesy of Dillon Passage / Instagram

“I think it will be a live episode,” said the 24-year-old star. “Kind of like a meeting. But no, Netflix did not contact me to be part of it. “

As to what viewers can expect from the upcoming episode, Passage admitted that he “was not completely sure of the details”, noting that he only briefly talked about it to a producer.

“I was a little curious,” he revealed after learning that the streaming service was planning to drop something new.

Fans and Passage will have to wait and see if the last Tiger king episode includes Exotic’s sworn enemy, Carole baskin.

“Oh, I have no idea,” said Passage on whether or not the animal activist would appear in the update episode. “It is more like an interview with a talent.”

Jeff Lowe Was the first Tiger king star at talk about the next chapter for docuseries.

Lowe, who currently owns and operates the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, after his trading partner Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison for hiring a hitman to kill Baskin and 17 charges of mistreatment to animals, announced on Saturday April 2. that fans would receive a treat very soon.

“Netflix is ​​adding one more episode, we’ll be next week,” said the park owner to the Los Angeles Dodgers player. Justin Turner and his wife, Kourtney Turner, via video message, after the baseball player’s wife told her about the show “Hold Kourt“Podcast.

“We are shooting here tomorrow,” added Lowe. “Be careful, stay safe and put on your mask.”

Tiger king tells the story of Exotic, a zoo keeper, and his long-standing feud with the CEO of Big Cat Rescue Baskin.

Dillon Passage talks about a new episode of Tiger King
Dillon Passage and Joe Exotic in ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness’. Netflix

The success of the series also drew attention to the case of missing persons involving Baskin’s millionaire ex-husband John “Don” Lewis. Since leaving the docuseries, the sheriff of Florida Chad Chronister asked for new leads regarding his disappearance in 1997 – and, as Exotic claims, the possible death of his ex.

“Carole is guilty, in my opinion,” said Lowe We weekly exclusively on March 30. “Don was already trying to plan for her outing and was trying to find a way to keep her money if she was going to divorce her.”

He added, “Joe had a full filing cabinet in the office filled with all the documents proving it far more than the documentary showed. He has an analysis of handwriting, Carole’s journal, just tons of things that showed his guilt. “Baskin has denied these claims.

Tiger king is currently streaming on Netflix.

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